If every visitor is different, why does your website look the same?

Increase online sales through Personalization

Unleash the power of eCommerce Personalization

Cross-sell & Up-sell on Product Page and Cart Page • Recommendation notifications on Mobile App • Personalized deals and banners on your Homepage • Cart abandonment emails • Omni-channel Personalization


Higher Conversion


Increase in Revenue


Higher Avg. Order Value

Barrage of irrelevant products leads to

  • High Bounce Rate
  • Low Conversions
  • Limited Repeat Purchase
  • Low Avg. Order Value

How does TargetingMantra solve this?


Dynamically showcasing products suited to the preference of each visitor.

It works for brick-and-mortar stores. It will work for you.

Jennifer can choose from 47 fashion stores in her area

But she has a favorite. Why?

They know her taste!

Suede ankle boots – Belted skirts – Matte fabric – Monochrome – No floral print – Grey hues with a dash of color

Relevant Cross-sell & Up-sell

Across Product and Cart pages based on real time intent

Pete is hungry.

He walks in to a fast food joint and orders a burger.

Hi! Here’s your burger.

Would you like some fries with it?

The Sales Executive tries to cross-sell fries with the burger

How about a full meal for just a dollar more?

His relevant recommendation leads to up-sell

Imagine if Cross-selling and Up-selling were just as easy for your website

TargetingMantra makes it possible

What’s more?

TargetingMantra syncs a user’s behavior to deliver Personalization across multiple devices


Let’s consider Sam’s example

He sees a sports jersey on a website while surfing on his laptop at work.

He doesn’t buy it then but seems interested

On his way back home, he opens the store’s app on his mobile

He immediately sees recommendations based on his surfing history on the laptop

He buys that jersey and revisits the web-store one week later on his ipad

His browsing experience thus far gets seamlessly stitched together on his current device

Omni-channel Personalization

Hyper-personalized content delivered to each customer regardless of the access channel, time and location

Customized recommendations are now available on mobile apps.

Target visitors – Learn their browsing history – Make the most relevant suggestions

What you get

  • 16+ Personalization solutions across Homepage, Product page, Cart page etc.

  • Seamless integration across devices via Omni-channel Personalization

  • Hyper-personalized deals and notifications delivered via email

  • Real-time performance tracking on Analytics dashboard

Satisfied Clients

"Personalization done right is an incredibly powerful tool for the modern day marketer. Using TargetingMantra across our portfolio of companies we're seeing improved conversion, increased cart size and better ROI for money spent."

Sean Percival
Venture Partner / 500Startups

"Extremely promising & advanced personalisation platform and I believe that all ecommerce companies will immensely benefit from their services."

Ankit Nagori
VP Retail / Flipkart

"We were looking for a personalization solution that would be efficient, technically easy to integrate and would not burn a hole in our pockets. We found the perfect solution with TargetingMantra. Their personalization widgets have helped us to improve our conversion rates and average order value, significantly".

Tiago Dalvi
CEO & Founder / Solidarium
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